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There are many benefits to attending school or work-related training online. From avoiding the necessity to travel to an in-person location, to the convenience of learning remotely, regardless of location, more and more people are opting to learn, and even conduct onboarding for new employees online. If you are looking for online learning platforms, there are many to choose from. Here are overviews of 32 online learning platforms that you can choose from:

Platform # 1 – 360 Learning 

This platform boasts more than 15,000 businesses that utilize their platform for onboarding new employees, ongoing training, and more. Considered to be one of the top online learning platforms, 360 Learning offers a free 14-day trial for new customers. This platform offers interactive courses, which increases the chances of engagement. 

Platform # 2 – Classroom Cloud

This platform is more appropriate for schools to teach students remotely. The platform is easy to navigate and learn, and it’s offered at an affordable cost. Classroom Cloud can also be used to teach students in classrooms, if a teacher opts for this method. This platform increases the ease of maintaining continuity of learning, even in cases where some students are learning remotely while others are learning in the classroom. 

Platform # 3 – eloomi

This is a popular workplace platform that is used by hundreds of well-known companies around the world. Their easy-to-learn platform enables employees to learn faster and become more proficient at their jobs. Therefore, employees can excel at their jobs, learn new skills, and even prepare for possible promotions. eloomi streamlines the entire onboarding and training process, allowing employers to easily access results. 

Platform # 4 – Talent LMS  

This is yet another popular learning platform that is used by many well-known businesses worldwide. Talent LMS offers an easy-to-learn platform that enables businesses to quickly upload their information and training materials for immediate use by new employees who are completing the onboarding process. This simple but effective platform also enables existing employees to access interactive trainings that will assist them with remaining updated with company policies. 

Platform # 5 – Coursera

This online learning platform is utilized by both educational institutions and businesses, as it offers numerous courses and activities to help students and employees become successful. Students have the ability to earn certificates and degrees after successfully passing the required number of courses. Some of Cousera’s courses are free, while others are paid, either by subscription or per course. 

Platform # 6 – Skillshare 

This learning platform is unique, as it allows instructors to earn money through a royalty program based on the training courses that they create. The platform offers thousands of courses based on four categories:

  • Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • Business
  • Creative Arts

While Skillshare does not enable students to earn certificates or degrees, it does provide them with the opportunity to interact with other students in various discussion forums. These interactive forums give students the opportunity to learn and grow through class projects and short videos.

Platform # 7 – LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is a cloud-based platform that enables instructors and small business owners to create and sell courses directly from the platform. Instructors have the option of building their own academy, if they choose, and it also provides the marketing skills necessary for instructors to succeed. Many instructors and entrepreneurs prefer LearnWorlds because of its simplicity, and because of the fact that technical skills aren’t necessary. Instructors and business owners without a technical background can easily build an impressive academy.

Platform # 8 – Thinkific 

This platform enables instructors and entrepreneurs to build their online educational empire. Users can take advantage of Thinkific’s multitude of tools to help instructors and entrepreneurs become successful. The built-in marketing tools also help instructors and business owners to achieve their goals. This cloud-based platform enables users to integrate their courses with various types of software. Thinkific offers several monthly plans, from a free plan with limited functions, to a $499 a month premier plan.

Platform # 9 – Teachable

This platform is ideal for instructors and business owners. Teachable makes it easy for instructors and business owners to upload learning content and customize their virtual classrooms. Teachable includes built-in sales and marketing tools, and even assists with email marketing. Instructors can choose from the basic plan, for $39 a month, a professional plan for $119 a month, and the business plan, which is $299 a month. 

Platform # 10 – Kajabi 

This platform is ideal for just about anyone: instructors interested in teaching online, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and much more. Kajabi provides all the tools necessary to sell online courses and other digital materials. This platform’s specialty is assisting companies with building webinars for online businesses, launching advertising campaigns, as well as building dynamic sales pages.

Platform # 11 – Podia

This is an online learning platform that enables users to easily build and sell courses, memberships, as well as other digital products. Business owners are able to utilize the abundance of tools offered by the platform that can assist them with creating a successful online school, store or website. Users are able to take advantage of affiliate marketing, which increases a business owner’s chances of success.

Platform # 12 – Elucidat 

This platform is perfect for large businesses, schools and non-profit organizations, and it can help them to build unlimited courses using their 25,000 templates. Elucidat offers three subscription options: Growth, Enterprise and High Volume. Those interested need to contact a consultant to discuss prices. 

Platform # 13 Articulate Storyline 360

This popular platform offers many high-quality tools to help businesses and schools build the ultimate in courses for the highest success. Subscribers can build quizzes using the templates that Articular Storyline 360 offers. There is an extensive library of illustrations, icons and photos to choose from. There are different subscription plans depending on the type of user. 

Platform # 14 – WPLMS

WPLMS is one of the most popular online learning platforms available, enabling subscribers to create and sell online courses. This platform offers an app for mobile users, which is convenient for subscribers who don’t always have access to a computer. WPLMS easily integrates with WordPress and its many plugins, which can be useful for instructors, business owners and more.

Platform # 15 – MemberPress

MemberPress is ideal for instructors, business owners and more. This platform enables subscribers to protect all the courses that they create. Subscribers often appreciate the comprehensive reporting that is included, as well as customized registration, and built-in integration. 

Platform #16 – LearnDash

This platform enables subscribers to design, promote and sell online courses. Many fortune 500 companies as well as the most prestigious colleges utilize LearnDash to assist them with making their businesses more successful. Schools and businesses can opt for a subscription, membership, as well as one-time-price options. 

Platform # 17 – Moodle

Moodle is a free open-source platform that manages learning. A group of developers designed this easy-to-use platform that offers various drag-and-drop functions to assist with course creation. This platform is best for instructors, business owners and public administrators.  

Platform # 18 – Blackboard 

This popular learning platform is utilized by both schools and businesses. It offers a wide range of learning tools that work wonders for keeping students engaged so they can learn as much as possible. Training courses through Blackboard are interesting as well as interactive, which is conducive to more effective learning.

Platform # 19 –  iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is a learning platform that can easily integrate with any corporate training program. This platform is able to accommodate all businesses and schools regardless of budget, as it offers various pricing plans, as well as tools that can be purchased alone.

Platform # 20 – SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is a popular learning platform that offers various courses for all types of businesses. This platform offers virtual classroom capabilities, as well as a dynamic course builder. Subscribers can opt for a free 14-day trial. Pricing plans vary and depend on the number of users as well as other factors. 

Platform # 21 – LearnUpon

LearnUpon is another popular learning platform that is ideal for both educators and businesses of all sizes. This platform has a user-friendly interface and comes with various helpful functionalities. There is a free trial offered, and subscription prices depend on the number of users. 

Platform # 22 – Academy of Mine 

Academy of Mine is alearning platform that includes a flexible web builder. This web builder enables subscribers to create and sell their professional training, continuing education and certification courses. Users have the ability to create interactive content to keep students and employees engaged. There is a free trial, and annual plans start at $9,997.

Platform # 23 – Wiz IQ

Wiz IQ is a cloud-based learning platform that offers both real-time and self-paced learning. This learning platform offers on-demand webinars, live training, coaching and more. This platform is ideal for teachers, colleges, universities, tutors, and more. There is a 14-day trial offered, and subscription prices vary.

Platform # 24 – Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform that allows students to access over 100,000 courses. Each class is created and taught individually, and there is no standard format for courses, as instructors are able to customize their classes using tools such as audio, video, puzzles, text, and more.

Platform # 25 – Master Class

Master Class is a learning platform that offers various creative courses, in addition to many others. Many A-list actors, musicians, writers, and more have taken courses through Master Class, which helped make them famous. Courses include video, workbooks, lectures, and classroom discussions. 

Platform # 26 – edX

edX is a high-end learning platform created by Harvard and MIT.This learning platform offers courses on numerous subjects, and enables students to earn certificates as well as “micro” degrees. Students are able to earn transferable credits, and what’s really astounding is that many of the courses at edX are free, while others cost only $49 each.

Platform # 27 – Docebo

Docebo is a cloud-based learning platform that utilizes Artificial Intelligence as a means to personize each user’s learning experience. This platform allows instructor-led training, supports over 30 languages, and has video conferencing capabilities. There is a 14-day free trial, and pricing plans vary. 

Platform # 28 – LifterLMS

LifterLMS provides subscribers with various content management tools that can assist them with building the individualized courses that they desire. This platform is a popular open-source WordPress solution for instructors and business owners. This platform comes with an automated mailing system and certificates for completed courses.

Platform # 29 – LearnPress

LearnPress is a platform that is also popular with Word Press users. Instructors and entrepreneurs can take advantage of the free subscription, or they can pay for other features, depending on how extensive they want the courses in their online school to be. LearnPress is great for beginners, as it’s easy to use. 

Platform # 30 – Adobe Captivate 

This premium platform is popular because it offers dynamic and immersive learning experiences that students really enjoy. Most users find Adobe Captivate easy to navigate and learn. Adobe Captivate offers three plans in different price ranges, each providing different levels of tools to enhance online learning. 

Platform # 31 – Lectora Online

This platform is ideal for companies of all sizes, non-profit organizations, and freelancers. Lectora enables users to create multiple courses using their interactive design, quiz feature, and other helpful tools. The platform is easy-to-learn, and businesses can opt to try the platform out with the free trial so they can see what Lectora has to offer.  

Platform # 32 – Easy Generator

Easy Generator is one of the easiest platforms for instructors and entrepreneurs who have never built online courses to use. The platform streamlines the entire process with its drag-and-drop function, and no coding skills are necessary. Easy Generator offers a free trial, and there are other subscription choices available as well.  

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