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From Thingiverse to Craftsmanspace, the following are the top 55 free and paid sites for 3D printing. With top-notch technology, you transform your filament or resin into fabulous designs!

1. Thingiverse

This service is completely free, and it has over a million 3D models to choose from. 

2. Yeggi

Different from sites, like Thingiverse, you can download your files by merely searching for Yeggi. 

3. Cults

With Cults, you’ll have a plethora of downloadable 3D printing designs to choose from. 

4. Pinshape

Pinshape has thousands of free and paid STL files you can download. 

5. MyMiniFactory

MyMiniFactory has over 60,000 free and paid 3D printable files from more than 13,000 makers, so DIYers can remain abreast of their game. 

6. Threeding

With thousands of 3D printed downloadable designs, it’s no wonder why Threeding is one of the best 3D printing sites around. This site offers free and paid designs. 

7. YouMagine

YouMagine has over 15,000 designs available that are free and paid and ready for download. It also has a flex articulate gecko, an OpenRC F1 dual-color McLaren Edition, and more. 

8. Shapetizer 

Shapetizer offers lush web design and top-quality 3D printing designs that are free and at premium prices. 

9. 3D Warehouse

With 3D Warehouse, you’ll have free access to over 3 million 3D designs, and it also offers a broad array of tools, ranging from models to collections. 

10. GrabCAD

With GrabCAD, you’ll have free access to one of the largest 3D printing communities and its CAD library. 

11. STL Finder

Similar to Yeggi, the STL finder is a search engine consisting of STL files. It consists of 3D model collections, search results, and more. 

12. Embodi3D

This tool focuses on fulfilling a different need. It concentrates on medical 3D printing, such as downloadable 3D printable models of bones, organs, bones, and medical scans onto 3D printable files. 

13. 3DExport

3DExport provides a good selection of approximately 10,000 designs to fabricate. It also provides the ability to filter your search for a small, free collection of STL files for 3D printing. 

14. Sketchfab

Sketchfab is an amazing source of user-generated 3D designs, especially in sculpture and character design. It has over 1,500,000 free and paid 3D designs. 

15. PrusaPrinters

One selection of PrusaPrinters includes a plethora of designs for 3D printing. 

16. YouMagine

YouMagine has over 17,000 open models, designs, and free STL files that are available for 3D printing purposes. 

17. NIH 3D Print Exchange

The National Institute of Health (NIH) shares different 3D prints with medical applications. This organization also invites individuals to help with its quest for producing a library of health-related 3D models, imagery, and STL files to help save human lives. 

18. CGtrader

CGtrader has an extensive library of more than one million 3D models and STL files, in which there are some that are free and others require payment. 

19. Pinshape

Through Pinshape’s community of over 70,000 3D model enthusiasts, this site has hundreds of thousands of 3D files and images. 

20. TurboSquid

TurboSquid has plentiful free and paid 3D models that are available for downloading. This includes thousands of files available for mostly all major formats, including max, STL, C4D, FBX, OBJ, MAYA, and more. 

21. Free3D

Even though the name implies it’s free, it’s more a paid site than a free site. You can sign up for a free subscription account, but the more valuable models come with a price. 

22. 3Dshook

3Dshook is also more of a paid site than a free one. The prices range starts at $2, and this site has more than 6000 3D models and STL files.  

23. RedPah

RedPah has a huge contributing community, and you can download and upload 3D print models and STL files here. 

24. XYZ 3D Printing Gallery

This site is very focused on graphics and color, but searching for content is also still required to obtain different categories of 3D models and stl files.

25. Zortrax Library

This library focuses on bringing individuals closer to the science and art of 3D printing. It also has a dedicated software system, Z-Suite. 

26. Repables

Registration is required for this site, but it has tons of designs you can choose from a broad array of categories. 

27. 3DaGoGo 

3DaGoGo’s 3D models are compatible with most 3D printers, and its 3D designs are primarily verified to ensure no failed prints. This site has designs that are free and require payment. 

28. Libre3D

This site is a one-stop place for any type of open-source 3D printing. It is a dedicated resource for all types of 3D printing. 

29. The Forge

This site is amazingly unique if you want to print something tremendously unique. 

30. FaB365

The site is one of the most popular products for all types of 3D printable files. 

31. NASA

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’ (NASA) has a library of 3D models that are ready to print.NASA has approximately 100 3D print models that this organization made. It also has free STL files for educational purposes. 

32. Dremel Lesson Plans

Dremel, a manufacturer in the US, has its own diversified lesson plan curated portal that is completely free. 

33. Polar Cloud

This is a respected online social platform that provides totally free STL files and various 3D printer models. 

34. Stlfinder

Stlfinder is a search engine that will find the relevant STL file. It has millions of 3D printable images. 

35. Print Me a Sheep

With over 1000,000 3D images in a dozen+  categories, there is a 3D image available for any project.

36. Hum3D

This site offers a meticulously curated collection of 18,000 3D printable models in 20 different categories and for a price. 

37. 3D up and Downs

With free and paid sections, 3D up and Downs’ objective is to create 3D printing for everyone. It has made more than 20 categories and a large number of 3D printable images to achieve this goal. 

38. Autodesk Online Gallery

This is a great platform that engineers and designers to download and share 3D models and more. 

39. Adobe Stock

With over 3500 professionally made 3D assets on this platform, you can get all these assets for free. 

40. Artec 3D Model Scanners

This service includes 3D scans in popular formats, like STL, OBJ, and WRL for any subject.  

41. GB3D Type Fossils

This repository contains three-dimensional scanned fossils from across the United Kingdom.

42. MorphoSource

This service targets researchers that share 3D models for free. Its database includes top-notch quality 3D files of present species and extinct species. 

The database contains high-quality 3D files of both extinct and still existing species.

43. gCreate

gCreate has 3D designs that can be downloaded for free and printed on any 3D printer. 

44. Orchard

This site uses a different approach for a 3D design that includes modified designs.

45. ArchibasePlanet

This site finds, showcases, and maintains over 9 thousand architectural designs. 

46.  Archive 3D

This site provides free three-dimensional assets that are able to be used to create graphic designs and create animals.

47. Sweet Home 3D

This site provides more than a thousand different 3D designs for your convenience. 

48. 3D CAD Browser

All designs are searchable, and you can split them into relevant categories.

49. Design Connected

Design Connected includes hundreds of impressive 3D designs and previews that you can see in the Theatre. 

50. SketchUp TEXTURE

With more than 100 designs to choose from, you can download objects like tables and sofas, entire rooms, and even buildings.

51. Digital Life

This site provides 100 three-dimensional models of all types of decorative items, such as ovens, tables, and dressers. 

52. Viz-People

This site includes an impressive library of 3D models that includes furniture, electronics, and more. 

53. Renderpeople

This site has outstanding 3D models with the assistance of photogrammetry scanners with high-res.

54. Evermotion

This Polish company’s site offers three-dimensional, photorealistic renders that are free. 

55. Craftsmanspace

With this site, you can have more than 100 assets, including accessories, people, furniture designs, and more for downloading in various popular formats. 

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