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What is Rhino 3D?

Rhino 3D is computer-aided software designed to make more accurate and efficient drawings from drawings, sketches, and 3D scans across a variety of industries. Curious about the details? Keep reading to learn more. 

An Industry Leader in Digital Software

Designed for all skillsets, my Rhino 3D course will provide a thorough education on the basics you need for success, so you can quickly become an expert in your field. Rhino 3D offers an abundance of cutting-edge features that make it state-of-the-art digital software, including: 

Enhanced analysis and visualization features help designers and engineers gauge space requirements.
3D surfacing, prototyping, and rendering proficiency promote accuracy and precision.
Virtually no size or complexity drawing limits mean you can meet any design project needs — big or small.
Compatibility with both Macs and Windows for user flexibility.
And it’s trusted by an array of high-performing companies such as Volkswagen, Eventbrite, and NASDAQ, so you can feel confident the skills you acquire truly matter.  

What Industries Does It Serve?

Designed for a diverse range of fields, Rhino 3D is a free-form surface modeling tool that can help you advance in any career. It’s an ideal platform for nearly any industry, including, but not limited to:


How Does Rhino 3D Compare to Other Software?

Of course, Rhino 3D cannot be used for absolutely everything, but it is a top choice for most design applications. Here are a few features that make it an industry favorite:

Accessibility through demo or purchase.
Easy use for beginners and experts alike.
Compatibility with plug-ins like Maxwell Render allows for enhanced development that fits your workflow.
Seamless skill translation — Don’t worry if you’re accustomed to AutoCAD, Rhino 3D operates on a similar command sequence.  

Why Sign Up?

My Rhino 3D course comes with an extensive list of resources designed to help you master the curriculum, including:

Completion certificate
35 hours of on-demand video
35 downloadable resources
11 articles
Mobile and TV access

Course Requirements

Before signing up for this course, please review the following tips:

Although my tutorials are created with the v5 version of Windows, Mac users and v6 or v7 users can easily follow along.
Check the Rhino 3D website for a fully functional, downloadable V5, V6, or V7 version for demo or purchase.
Don’t be intimidated — This course starts from the very beginning and promotes gradual growth acquired by exploring all the tools for surfacing work.
Course Summary

During the first part of this 10-week course, you’ll learn to navigate Rhino 3D using basic 2D and 3D tools. Next, you’ll learn how to edit and modify surfaces with greater detail. With each 2.5-hour lecture, you’ll gradually advance through basic Rhino renders before learning how to use industry-standard plug-ins such as Maxwell Render. By the end of the 10 weeks, you’ll learn to fix surfaces from imported files that have been corrupted, as well as reverse engineering techniques based on a scanned clay model. 

About the Instructor

A passionate and knowledgeable Rhino instructor for almost a decade, Jakob Andersson takes tremendous pride in teaching his students the ins and outs of product and transportation design. A skilled Rhino user for 20 years, Jakob’s skillset led him to the aerospace industry, where he continues to work today as an industrial designer for a prestigious aircraft manufacturer. Whether you need digital design skills for professional use or leisure, he can help you master the art of design. 


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