Catia V5 Course for Beginner and Advanced Users – Automotive and Industrial


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This online course will teach you how to use Catia V5 for the workplace. Its instructor, Alex from Alexander Consulting, has 18 years of experience using this software for automotive engineering, racing, and industrial design. You will learn everything you need to know about Catia V5 and how to use its commands just like how you would in an actual job. The course is straight to the point, so you won’t be waiting forever like in other online classes.

To start the class, you will build two assemblies to learn how to design with the software. Next, you will study the video library where each command and option will be explained in depth. Afterwards, you’ll see other videos containing projects and tips to consolidate your experience. The course ends with information from different industries and advice and everything in it comes from personal experience. You will certainly enjoy this course and all you need is basic computer skills. 

In the first section, you will get an introduction to Catia V5’s interface, its files, menus and toolbars. In sections two and three, you will design a project while being walked through various commands. After this, you will learn the sketch workbench, how to make 2D sketches 3D, assembly design, shape design and much more. After you learn all of the basics, you will learn advanced workbenches such as how to do simulations. 

The course will end by discussing different industries with information needed to work in those fields. You will learn a little about other things that can help you on the job. This includes other software programs that are used in different industries. You will also learn how to practice Catia V5 and find projects to design. Finally, you will learn how to find projects for practice as well as how to gain experience and look for a job. This means navigating job interviews, preparing your CV, and showcasing your experience. 

Why Should You Learn Catia V5?

Catvia V5 is a must-have tool for design in any industry focused on machinery. This includes construction, engineering, and the automotive industry. Top companies and organizations use this software, so it is beneficial to learn and improve upon whether you’re a new designer or a seasoned one. It is on multiple platforms and is ideal for making drawings, solids, assemblies, and other features of 3D modeling. This software covers development from initial conception to manufacturing. Because it allows realtime changes, collaboration is easy for any design team.

Any company designing cars, buildings, and other manufactured products is definitely missing out if it’s not using Catia V5. It saves companies time and remains the preferred CAD (Computer Aided Design) software for companies. It stays on top because:

  • It streamlines design, analysis, and data management of new products.
  • It handles large-scale projects.
  • It’s flexible and allows for add-ons.
  • It allows object simulation through digital 3D mockups, so you don’t have to redraw 2D sketches.
  • Its cloud based program, 3DExperience, allows collaboration in a company even if some individual computers don’t have the software.

With all these things in mind, why wouldn’t you learn Catia V5? This course will get you using it in no time!

What You’ll Learn and Do

  • Master its Workbenches
  • Practice projects
  • Learn how to apply the software for your job
  • Learn to build a portfolio

What the Course Includes:

  • 21.5 hours on-demand video
  • 26 downloadable resources
  • Accessible on mobile devices and TVs
  • Certificate of completion



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