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Android Java Masterclass is now offered for a reasonable price at In this course, you’ll learn how to build Android 7 apps for Nougat, a Google platform. You’ll also become an expert in the Java programming language.

Please note that 81.7% of all smartphones sold are Androids. Also, many of them don’t have the very latest Android Nougat. 

So, by taking advantage of learning about Android app development and the details of the master Android studio, you will significantly improve your career options. There is also no requirement for previous programming experience. 

Details About This Course Content

This course comprises 60 hours of on-demand video, 11 articles, eight downloadable resources, and mobile and TV accessibility. This 60 hours of content also consists of 13 sections with a total of 323 lectures. 

And after successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate. Top companies worldwide trust this certificate. 

Thus said, you must have a computer. This class supports Windows, Linus, and Mac. There will be installation and setup instructions for each platform. Other than that, you’re only required to have the enthusiasm to learn the number one app development framework in the world. Then, you can proudly show your certificate on your resume 

Please note that this course contains everything needed to write apps for Android 7 Nougat. The class starts off with a welcome, a preview, an interface overview, an introduction to Android, and FAQs. Then, you can download and set up six lectures. Three of these lectures include the installation of Android Studio on Windows, Linux, and MAC. The other three lectures are about the configuration of Android SDK on all those three platforms, studio settings of Android, and enabling VT-X in BIOS.

After this section, you’ll go through different information about Android templates and virtual device settings. Then, you will proceed to the button counter app.

The button counter app consists of 27 lectures that last for four and a half hours. Then, you’ll proceed on to Java tutorials, which include 20 lessons. The next set of lectures includes different topics concerning the Calculate app, the top 10 downloadable apps, the YouTube app, and the Flickr app. The Databases and the Friends app and the fragment lifecycle are other different lectures that include many topics. 

After completing those lectures, you’ll proceed to lectures about multiple tables. This section lasts for roughly seven hours, and the titles of these topics are as follows: Task Timings, Create Timings Task, RecyclerView Item Click Listener, and NonNull Annotation. The next topics include the class of timings contract, updating the provider of content for timings, recap, and updates of the database. Other topics include Saving Timing Data, Creating Test Data, Saving Test Records, and Generating Test Records. This course also discusses how you can release and debug builds. 

When it comes to databases, you will perform database views and use SQLite for views. You will also do tests for database upgrades.

When it comes to various layouts, this course discusses constraining layout chains. These include various chain types. Other layouts include those for the finishing portrait and landscapes. 

And that’s not all. This course has a lot more topics to go over. Some of the topics include: 

  • The Adapter of the Report
  • The Activity of the Durations Report 
  • Data Loading
  • Studio of the Vector Drawables and Asset
  • Various topics about the Gradle, filtering, and much more

And lastly, you’ll get 13 minutes of extra information. This section talks about the source code for all apps as well as a bonus lecture and information. 

For More Information

Opportunities like this don’t always happen. For more information, please go to the Udemy’s site. . 


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