Sharing is caring! offers a comprehensive and flexible approach to learning massage therapy online. Their courses cover a wide range of topics including Classic Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, and Spa Therapy. Here’s an overview of what they offer and why you might consider enrolling:

Online Convenience

  • Flexibility and Accessibility: The courses are entirely online, allowing you to study from the comfort of your home or any location of your choice. This flexibility is particularly appreciated by students who don’t want to travel or be away from home.
  • Variety of Courses: They provide a range of courses from vocational education with diplomas/certifications to courses for household needs.
  • Lifelong Access: Students get lifelong access to the study platform and educational materials like videos, pictures, and webinars.
  • Practical and Theoretical Learning: The courses include detailed instructions on massage techniques, grips, and theoretical knowledge.

Course Structure and Content

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Courses cover various aspects including general knowledge, ethics, hygiene, client reception, skin classifications, and different treatment techniques.
  • Practical Application: Students are encouraged to practice on family and friends, and for diploma courses, there is a requirement of logging practice hours.
  • Flexibility in Learning: You can start studying the theoretical and practical material as soon as you enroll and have the necessary equipment, like a massage table and massage oil.
  • Exams and Certification: The diploma courses involve passing quizzes and a final exam. There is an option to take exams at their location in Gran Canaria.

Additional Benefits

  • Affordability: The online courses are priced competitively, considering there are no expenses for room hire, staff costs, etc., like in on-site courses.
  • Experienced Instructors: The school boasts experienced Swedish teachers specializing in Swedish classical massage, sports massage, and spa therapy.
  • Feedback and Improvement: They value student feedback and continuously work to improve their courses.

Student Experience and Support

  • Positive Feedback: Many students have shared their successful experiences, whether in providing pain relief to loved ones or even starting their own massage therapy businesses.
  • Support and Community: The school provides support through various channels like email and live chat, fostering a community of learners.

Choosing the Right Course

  • For Professional or Personal Use: Depending on your goal, you can choose a course that leads to professional certification or one for personal use, like helping family and friends.
  • E-book Included: Students enrolling in diploma courses receive a free e-book, “How to Build Your Own Wellness Empire,” providing additional guidance on running a successful wellness business.

In summary, offers a unique and accessible way to learn massage therapy online. Their courses cater to a wide range of needs, from professional aspirations to personal enrichment. The school’s commitment to quality education, student support, and continuous improvement makes it a compelling choice for those interested in massage therapy.

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